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4 Tips to Get More Views on a YouTube Video

How to get more views on a YouTube video?

Video marketing has become one of the most important assets in the networking world and there’s no better place than YouTube to get your business going. But in actuality, it’s not so easy to gather subscribers for your channel unless and until you promote it with good content. Speaking of which, here are few ways to increase those views on your YouTube videos and entice people to click on that subscribe button. A lot of businesses uses YouTube. Users of YouTube are increasing continuously and its user ratio will grow further with the time.

Interact with people on YouTube

YouTube means watching videos! This is the biggest myth that needs to broken. YouTube is itself a social networking site where you can interact with people or groups relevant to your niche. Search for videos similar to the ones you post, comment on it and leave an advice with your video’s link at the footer. This way you’ll get a significant amount of organic traffic and this way your Alexa will improve.

Content is the king

This statement remains universal and evergreen and will remain the same forever. If you give your audience something worth a watch, they will definitely recommend it to others through sharing on Facebook or Twitter. One quality video is ten times better than hundred pieces of crap; you never know that could go absolutely viral in few hours.

Tag, title and description

You can do all the hard work to formulate a mind-blowing video, but if you are unable to impress the search engines with the key words, you may have done it all wrong. Add a proper title to your video and make use of the Google keyword tool to sort out the low competition and high search volume keywords. Use them in the description and tag them along with the video. This could well be a difference between thousands of views and hundreds of subscribers.

Social networking sites

Nowadays, social networking sites have become a hub of marketers. Anything new and it goes absolutely viral within minutes. Get a Facebook or a twitter page for your business; build an audience on the merit of your video and let that number roll with every share and like. Google or any other search engine loves organic traffic and there’s no better way than this to get it. get youtube watch hours


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