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A gold chain necklace is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can own. It can be worn casually with a tee and jeans or dressy for a formal dinner party. This style is also easy to dress up with the addition of pendants, charms and diamonds. It comes in a variety of lengths and widths, and is available in many different designs. Some are thin as a wire, others are thicker and more substantial. Some styles are crafted with gemstones in the center while others may simply have a gold overlay or feature a gold beaded design.

Solid gold is an excellent material for a necklace because it is hypoallergenic and durable. However, its high price makes it unaffordable for many consumers. Because of this, many jewelry makers use other methods to give customers the look of solid gold at a more reasonable cost. The most common practice involves coating pieces made of less expensive metals with a thin layer of gold. Jewelry items with this type of overlay are known as gold filled or rolled gold pieces.

While solid gold is the preferred type of metal for most gold necklaces other metals are used as well. Silver is a popular choice because it looks very similar to gold but costs much less. It also resists rust and scratches better than gold, making it easier to wear for long periods of time. However, it is more difficult to work with than gold because it conducts heat so quickly. Oftentimes, novice jewelry makers use silver to practice soldering techniques before working with more costly materials.

The most important factor when shopping for a gold chain necklace is to make sure the item you are buying is genuine. You can determine the purity of the gold by looking for a hallmark on the piece. A hallmark will indicate the piece’s karat weight, which is how much pure gold it is (i.e., 24K would be pure gold, 14K is gold of high quality and 18K is a good middle ground). You can also look for a stamp that states the piece’s material.

The 1stDibs collection of gold chain necklaces features a diverse range of styles and designer brands. Lagos offers delicate beading in radiant gold and mixes the metal with black accents to evoke rustic sophistication. Marco Bicego is known for his signature golden twisting coils and draws inspiration from cultures around the world. Tacori combines meticulous detail and rare aesthetics to create pieces that mesmerize any viewer. For a bold statement, check out the Cause Ribbons pendant necklace from Shining Strength. This piece is imbued with meaningful meaning and a beautiful color combination of white and rose gold. The necklace also includes a faceted green onyx stone, which is a perfect match for the opulent gold of this design. This is the ideal piece for anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury to their wardrobe.


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