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A Silver Menorah Brings Illumination to Your Home

The seven-lamp menorah is the most recognizable symbol of Judaism. It was the lamp of the Tabernacle in biblical times and is now the symbol of the State of Israel, appearing on all official documents. The menorah is also the central focus of Hanukkah, a celebration of the miracle of how one flask of oil lasted eight days. A silver menorah can bring this sense of illumination into your home and celebrate this special holiday.

This beautiful menorah is made of sterling silver. The base is smooth and has twelve facets that narrow into the column, each etched with a detailed scrollwork design. Each candle holder is also etched and has a curved edge. The entire piece sits on a stepped base and is decorated with bead borders. This elegant piece is a stunning addition to any Jewish home.

While lighting the Hanukkah candles, the family can sit together and enjoy the beauty of this heirloom. It is a reminder of the many miracles that took place throughout history and the many generations of Jews who have kept the faith and preserved their traditions. The light from the menorah is a symbol of hope and life, rekindling the flame of the Jewish soul, which could not be extinguished.

We at ICOJ are proud to keep the ancient tradition of menorahs alive with our boutique range of 925 sterling silver and anodized aluminum menorahs, bringing you traditional designs with modern flair. We offer pieces from Hazorfim Silver, founded in 1952, harnessing the skill and tradition of Eastern European emigrants to the Jewish state. silver menorah


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