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Add Elegance to Your Kiddush With a Kiddush Fountain

Among the most beloved and meaningful parts of the Jewish ritual experience is Kiddush, saying a blessing over wine at the beginning of every Shabbat or holiday meal. Adding beauty and elegance to your Kiddush cup is an easy way to dress up the ritual and make it more memorable. At aJudaica, you can find a wide range of beautiful silver Kiddush fountains to add to your table, from classic sterling-silver sets to luxury onyx and gemstone sets.

A wine fountain adds a sense of aristocracy to the table and is both decorative and functional. It makes the perfect centerpiece to any Shabbat or Holiday table. It’s easy to set up and use, and also provides a hygienic and convenient solution for passing around a single Kiddush cup during the meal.

In addition, a fountain helps to make it more clear that wine is being used for the ritual, and not just as a beverage. Many families choose to fill their fountain with non-alcoholic grape juice for a healthier option or to accommodate those who are under 21 or who don’t drink alcohol.

Having a Kiddush fountain is also a lovely way to make the ritual more exciting for children who might be bored with the traditional method of pouring the wine from the large host cup into small matching cups for everyone at the table. A fountain can create a spectacle and delight children of all ages during the recitation of the blessings and the song “Lechayeh Tova.” It’s also a great way to get your children excited for the evening party that will follow.


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