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Just as the right pair of running shoes can improve your stride and a stylish workout outfit motivates you to hit the gym, the best workout app can make exercise even more fun and effective. We’ve rounded up the best fitness apps that offer endless options for workouts in your living room or on-the-go, with features like easy-to-follow dance cardio, yoga and Pilates classes, HIIT workouts, and even prenatal and postnatal programs. And if you miss the community of in-person classes, many of these apps have huge supportive communities to help you stay motivated.

JEFIT is an extremely feature-rich app that offers users a large selection of exercises with detailed instructions and animations. The app also allows users to track details of their workouts and set training goals. In addition to a built-in weight training system, the app provides workouts and videos for other types of workouts, such as cycling and jogging. Its extensive library of workouts is curated by trainers, so there is something for everyone. The app does have a monthly fee, but it’s affordable for most users and offers plenty of content to keep you busy.

Daily Burn is a standout app that offers more than 150 workouts, including high-intensity and equipment-free sessions. Its most popular offerings include sculpting, barre, and HIIT classes, but the app also has a variety of other workout types, such as strength training, flexibility, and even prenatal and postnatal programs. Its workouts are easy to follow and are designed for people of all fitness levels, with a range of durations and difficulty.

Its biggest draw is its live daily classes that are streamed directly to your phone, allowing you to follow along in real time. Its other unique features include a customizable weekly workout schedule, the ability to join group classes on your smartphone, and the ability to access content through Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices. Its monthly fee is relatively expensive, but it has a number of deals and promotions that can reduce the cost significantly.

Its focus on yoga, pilates and stretches makes Sworkit one of the best workout apps for beginners or those looking to tone up. Its specialized content is augmented by a plethora of other features, such as a space filter that finds routines that can be performed in two square feet or less and a virtual personal coach that offers customized 10-30 minute workouts. The app has a free subscription option, but it’s worth considering upgrading for the pro version to get more workouts and a full suite of tools, including a workout planner, a coach, and community benefits. The app is available on both iOS and Android. The latest update offers a new design and a better user experience. Users can also save and view their favorite workouts for quick reference. It also supports Apple Watch. The company has an extensive FAQ and support page that covers most common questions. Its customer service team is available 24/7 via email, phone or text. best workout app


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