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Caregiver agencies are the middlemen that match families with vetted, qualified caregivers. Also known as home health care providers, they are licensed, insured, and bonded. They offer a variety of services that include assistance with daily tasks, companionship, and transportation. They can be hired for as little as a few hours per day or as much as live-in care.

Agencies often have a large pool of available caregivers, making it easy to find the right person for your needs. In addition, they provide background checks, medical examinations and verify licenses and qualifications. Agencies also have a team of staff members, including a registered nurse, who can oversee the care provided to your elderly loved one and address any issues that arise.

Caregivers that are hired on an independent basis can sometimes have trouble finding enough work to meet their needs. This is due to restrictive schedules and other factors that can lead to caregiver burnout. Caregivers that are employed by a reputable home health agency are able to maintain a consistent work schedule and have the support they need to do their jobs well.

Caregivers that are employed by a home care provider often have better benefits than independent caregivers. In addition to health insurance and workers’ compensation, they are able to negotiate their rates so that they can afford to work full time. This provides a sense of stability for caregivers and encourages them to be more loyal to their employers. caregiver agencies


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