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Whether you’re looking for cute boy names or something a little more unique, we’ve wrangled up plenty of charmers that will make your son feel special. These adorable boys’ names are all easy to say and spell, and they’re sure to make your cutie-pie smile when he hears his own name.

Choosing a baby boy name is a big deal. Your son will be associated with that moniker for the rest of his life, so it’s important to pick a boy name that you love. It doesn’t have to be trendy, but it does have to suit your style and your baby. We’ve rounded up some of the best cute boy names for you to consider, from popular picks like Noah and Liam to unique finds that will help your son stand out in a crowd.

While some of the most popular baby boy names have remained stable over the years, other boy names are on the rise. The Social Security Administration keeps track of top names, and baby-naming sites also keep track of which names their users are searching for more often. Some of the names on the rise include Mateo (a variant of Michael), Asher, and Damian (inspired by the actor Damon Salvatore).

Other unique boy names on the list include Khaza, Eithan, Waylen and Karim. These names are all quite different from other top boy names, but they’re still trending up and could be a great choice for your baby.


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