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A portable fire pump is a specialized piece of equipment used by firefighters and emergency response teams in a variety of situations, such as wildland firefighting or at remote construction sites. These pumps are designed to quickly and efficiently draw water from a nearby source, like a lake or water tank, and deliver it at high pressure, making them an essential tool for keeping firefighting capabilities in place when standard water supplies may not be available.

The Types of Portable Fire Pump
Angus Fire offers several different self-contained portable fire fighting pumps with petrol or diesel engines, ranging in size and capacity to suit your needs. They are lightweight and built with an emphasis on portability, but also meet world wide standards for exhaust emissions and sound levels.

The main types of portable fire pumps include positive displacement fire pumps and centrifugal fire pumps. Positive displacement fire pumps are the most commonly used as they offer a more consistent flow rate and higher pressure at lower flows. Centrifugal fire pumps are the other main type of portable fire pump and are used with foam systems and water mist systems, offering more flow at a lower pressure.


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