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A rv fridge fan is a simple yet effective RV accessory that improves refrigerator performance by helping it remove hot air from the back of the refrigerator to allow it to function more efficiently. This is especially important on hot sunny days.

These fans are very quiet and powerful. They have a nice design and fit the vent stack perfectly and can be controlled manually or automatically. They can also be powered by batteries so they’re perfect for boondockers or people who use solar power in their rv. Power consumption is about 1/2 amp so they don’t drain the battery very much.

This is one of the best high-performance options you can find for a RV fridge fan. It features a powerful 3,000 RPM motor that recirculates the air inside your refrigerator to eliminate cold/hot spots and prevent the food from expiring or spoiling.

Another feature that makes this a good choice is that it’s water resistant and comes with an easy-to-install mount for your RV vent stack. You can also tap into the 12V line that powers your refrigerator to power this fan.

When choosing a rv fridge fan, you should always consider the size of the fan as well as its airflow rating. The higher the airflow, the better it is. The airflow rating is usually given in CFM or cubic feet per minute. It is important to note that high-speed fans typically have lower airflow ratings than low-speed ones. rv fridge fan


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