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Cloud Utility Management for Local Governments

Cloud utility management provides an alternative to the more traditional IT architecture that involves hooking up IT infrastructure to a safekeeping service provider. With this model, a company is only required to pay for the resources it utilizes and avoids spending time and money on maintaining IT hardware units like CPUs and monitors. It has become one of the most popular IT provisioning models as it has helped businesses reduce internal IT costs and focus on growth without limiting business opportunities.

Change can be difficult for people, especially when you are accustomed to a certain way of doing things. That’s why the best way to implement a new system is to roll it out at a pace that feels comfortable to your employees. Start small, and as users adopt the platform you can increase the number of active users.

Using a utility billing software solution that is hosted in the cloud can help you improve your customer experience, keep your data secure, and provide the flexibility your community needs. It can also save you money and allow you to scale quickly when demand is high.

gWorks has been the trusted choice for over 500 local governments. Our Energy & Utilities Cloud suite of enterprise-grade software solutions, including customer service, CRM, data management, asset management, and analytics applications, are fully integrated and delivered in the cloud. Get started with a free demo today. cloud utility management


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