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eWarrants – Ohio’s Online Warrant Entry System

Ewarrants are derivative securities that give investors the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying security, often an equity, at a specified price before expiration. Warrants are usually attached to a bond or preferred stock and may be called “wedded” or “naked.” Trading in warrants is often complicated because warrants are not listed on an exchange and information about them is difficult to find for free.

The statewide eWarrant system was developed by InnovateOhio to fulfill Governor DeWine’s vision for a free, centralized, intuitive, responsive, web-based and mobile friendly warrant entry system for law enforcement, courts, judges, and clerks across Ohio’s 88 counties. It also enhances law enforcement situational awareness and helps to improve the thoroughness, accuracy, and timeliness of warrant and protection order submissions into LEADS and the National Crime Information Center (NICS).

Easily create and send an eWarrant from any Internet connected device. Ewarrants can be reviewed by the judge on a secure video conference link from anywhere, eliminating the need for judicial travel and the expense of a fax machine at courthouses.

This seamless workflow system allows law enforcement officers to be on the street rather than behind a desk and reduces the time it takes to submit a warrant for review. It also provides a complete audit trail to ensure that all proper procedures were followed. The eWarrant system also helps to keep the public safe by reducing the risk that suspects will be tipped off and run away or flee the scene before being arrested. Ewarrants


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