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The Explosion Proof Valve Actuator is the sentinel of industrial automation, the avenger that keeps combustible environments safe and productive. They’re the James Bonds of the actuator world, cool under pressure with a slick style. The avenger uses built-in circuitry to minimize spark and thermal effects that could cause an explosion. They’re also designed to be flexible, with a variety of options available for use with quarter turn, linear or butterfly valves, or dampers.

SIL 3, ATEX, CE Certification and IP68 Weatherproofing are just some of the credentials these avengers possess. They’re designed for use in hazardous environments and rated according to the conditions they will be used under. For instance, the EL-XP is rated for Class I Div 1 and can be used in explosive gas atmospheres, combustible dust atmospheres or mixtures of both.

Schischek offers the widest range of electric explosion proof actuators in the industry, including quarter turn rotary ‘Max’ and linear ‘Run’ models for ball, butterfly and damper valves as well as gate and globe valves. These actuators are used in a variety of applications such as HVAC, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power and Winery & Metallurgy, to name just a few.

Pneumatic explosion proof actuators operate on the same principles as their electrical counterparts but are powered by compressed air. This eliminates the need for any electrical components and reduces the risk of spark-induced explosions, making them a good choice for volatile environments. These avengers are typically used with fire safe or general purpose valves, and feature visual and electrical valve position indication and manual override.


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