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Finding the right hairdresser is a difficult enough quest for folks with luscious locks, but when your hair is curly, things can be doubly tricky. It’s not uncommon for a curl-diverse client to spend years barber-hopping and salon-sampling, suffering through innumerable smile-through-the-tear moments as a new stylist attempts to turn their unruly kinks into envy-inducing ringlets. But a dedicated curly hairdresser who has well-honed principles to support their exceptional results can change all that.

A great curly hairdresser will always focus on the client’s unique curly pattern, needs and style goals to deliver a cut that supports how they want to live with their hair, rather than impose a one-size-fits-all approach to styling. A true specialist will also understand that a beautiful, healthy mane depends on keeping it hydrated, so will stock curly girl approved products and educate clients on managing their textured locks.

Curly hair specialists love helping their clients love their wavy, bouncy and coily hair. They use a deconstructed method of dry cutting to cater for every curl’s needs, and they create shapes that compliment an individual’s curves, face shape, lifestyle and desired hairstyle. These savvy ladies will help you keep your curls hydrated, with a nourishing hydrating mask that’s customised for your curl type. They’ll also advise on styling, and give you tips to avoid over-styling your curls and preventing dryness or frizz at home. The best curly hairdressers will even colour your locks with care, using a lightening technique that will preserve the integrity of your tresses and prevent damage to your delicate curls.curly hairdresser Melbourne


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