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Flat Head Socket Screws
In the context of fasteners, a socket cap screw is typically defined as a threaded fastener that has a head that is tapered at the bottom and flat on top. These screws are designed to be inserted into a countersunk hole, where the flat top will sit flush with the surface of the mating piece. The head is then turned using a socket wrench, or Allen wrench, to tighten or remove the screw. This style of fastener is often used in applications that require a low-profile head, as they are less likely to snag on moving parts overhead.

Like all socket screws, flat head socket caps are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials. The ideal choice depends on the environmental conditions and load requirements. High-load applications may necessitate screws with a higher shear or tensile strength, while corrosion-resistant options are preferable for marine environments.

KD Fasteners stocks a wide variety of flat head socket screws, including metric options. Most are crafted from alloy or stainless steel and finished with black oxide, zinc or plain finish. Some are also available in aluminum, a soft and lightweight material that naturally generates a thin oxide coating that protects against corrosion and degradation. Aluminum socket screws are particularly popular for use in projects where weight is a consideration, such as the installation of hardware or trim on moveable furniture, doors and windows. Aluminum socket screws also offer a range of head styles, including pan, square, round, truss and slotted heads. Flat Head Socket Screws


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