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A floating pump station is a great alternative to more traditional water management systems for a wide variety of applications. They are a good choice for irrigation, mining, manufacturing, supply water, golf courses, and other uses that require consistent access to large amounts of water. Floating pumps for water are also popular for firefighting, disaster response, and other emergencies that require immediate access to water supplies.

A float switch detects the level of water in a tank and opens or closes an electrical circuit that enables the pump to operate. Using a float switch to control a water pump is only safe if the float contact is properly rated to handle the starting load currents that will be required when the pump switches on.

In addition to their use in the firefighting industry, floating pumps for water can be used in recreational applications such as flooding fields to create a duck hunting hotspot. Several different types of pond floating fountains are available to provide a range of water effects. One popular option, the TotalPond Floating Pump, offers multiple functions in a single product: it pumps, aerates, and illuminates the pond.

Floating barge pumps are also commonly used by the mining industry to transfer and balance water between settling or tailings containment ponds. These floating pumps are able to move easily throughout the pumping site and avoid pumping silt-laden water that would quickly clog other stationary water pumps. The power industry also relies on a combination of float and barge pumps to balance water levels in a power generation pond.


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