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Whether you’re stuck in a rut or simply looking for a good laugh, funny quotes are always an easy way to brighten the day. These witty sayings make for great headlines, but can also be used as social media captions and even as wall art.

You can spice up any article with these uplifting jokes, and you can use a few of them in your next email newsletter to keep your subscribers happy. Just remember that humor can easily become cliche, so avoid overusing it or your readers may lose interest.

If you’re a coffee lover, these humorous quotes about your favorite drink will surely hit home with you. Whether you’re a sleep-deprived zombie or a chipper morning person, a perfectly brewed cup of Joe can transform you into a cheerful and productive human being. These funny coffee quotes will give you the Monday motivation to power through the week.

A shared sense of humor is a prerequisite for any true friendship, so these funny best friend quotes are perfect for sharing with your close friends. They’ll help remind you of the many funny times that your friendship has brought to your life. You can also use these quotes in your birthday cards, or add them to a personalized gift for your BFF.

Literary fans will enjoy these funny book quotes. While these quotes might seem a little out of context, it’s important to remember that authors and writers are people just like you. This means that comic situations and occurrences were just as common 10 or 100 years ago, and can still be hilarious today.


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