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Growing mushrooms in grow bags is easy, if you follow a few simple guidelines. Grow bags are plastic containers with a filter patch and are filled with a mixture of organic materials that provide nutrients for mushroom mycelium to grow. The bags are sterilized to kill any contaminants and then inoculated with mushroom spores or mycelium to begin the colonization process.

Mushroom grow bags are available in a variety of sizes and material thicknesses, depending on your cultivation needs. Autoclavable grow bags are made from a heavy-duty 3 mil polypropylene and feature a 0.5 micron filter for optimal air exchange and contaminant prevention. These bags are also compatible with a wide range of mushroom species and are designed to accommodate bulk cultivation blocks, reducing labor and time spent in preparation for inoculation.

When it comes to choosing a mushroom grow bag, it is important to consider the gusset shape. A gusset shape allows the cultivator to slip in a tyvek filter before loading the bags into an autoclave for sterilization. This prevents contamination from room air that naturally draws into the bags during the post-sterilization cool down period.

Once a grow bag is sterilized and has cooled, it can be inoculated with a powder or liquid mushroom culture. Then it can be set on a shelf to begin colonization. After about a week, the colonization should be visible in the form of white mycelium spreading throughout the substrate inside the bag. Once the mycelium reaches three to four inches from the point of injection, you can remove it and mix it with uncolonized substrate to accelerate the colonization process. Psilocybin grow bags


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