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This course is designed to raise the awareness of workers on health and safety issues in the workplace. It outlines the main legal requirements and highlights how employees can help to maintain good health and safety standards.

It shows how to identify hazards, report them and control them effectively. This will lead to a safer working environment for all.

Learners will also be aware that they have the right to refuse unsafe work and understand how to seek assistance. This includes the right to speak to a supervisor, employer, health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee member for advice.

Using the latest information and technology, this health and safety awareness training will ensure that the learner has an understanding of the importance of following government and HSE guidelines at work. This will reduce the risk of accidents occurring in the workplace and increase productivity.

Employers have a legal obligation to provide key safety information to their staff, this online course will deliver this and ensure your business is compliant with the law.

There is a high cost to a business when an employee injures themselves at work, this costs money in compensation claims, insurance premiums and lost productivity. This is on top of the damage to the reputation of the company that could impact investor confidence, potential future investment and community and government support. Employees are the most important asset to any organization and a healthy, safe and well informed workforce can contribute to profitability and growth. health and safety awareness course


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