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Holistic medicine is an approach to healthcare that encompasses all aspects of a patient’s health and wellness. Unlike conventional western medicine that seeks treatment for pain or disease, holistic medicine strives to find and eliminate the root cause of a health problem so that the body can heal naturally.

A holistic doctor will take into account a patient’s unique physical, emotional, spiritual and social makeup when creating an individual health plan. The doctor will also address a patient’s lifestyle habits and how they may be contributing to their health problems.

The goal of holistic medicine is to increase a patient’s awareness of how their diet, exercise, sleep, and stress levels can impact their overall health. The doctor will then work with the patient to develop strategies that will help them implement healthy changes into their daily routine.

In addition to incorporating natural remedies, holistic doctors will often prescribe a variety of different treatments that include massage therapy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. These techniques are designed to improve the patient’s immune system, promote relaxation, reduce pain and discomfort, and detoxify the body.

A Detailed Look at Your Hormonal System

Your hormones are like a delicate symphony of vital functions that work in harmony to keep your body healthy and functioning properly. When one of these systems becomes imbalanced, it can throw off the whole orchestra and lead to a host of symptoms. A holistic doctor will take the time to evaluate your hormonal balance and recommend any supplements or lifestyle modifications necessary to correct the imbalance.

A Holistic Doctor Will Identify Underlying Causes of Your Health Problems

When you visit a holistic doctor, they will not only treat your current symptoms but will also run tests to discover any underlying causes of your illness or disease. A typical test will be a blood panel to check your cholesterol, iron levels and other important markers that are indicative of potential issues. A comprehensive bloodwork panel will be run to see if you have any hidden infections such as Epstein Barr Virus or heavy metal toxicity.

The doctor will then determine if the issue is caused by an immune deficiency, an imbalance of your digestive tract, or an inability to manage your stress levels. This will allow them to create a targeted plan that will address the root of the problem and get you back on track to achieving your health goals.

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