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How to Build a Strong Sales Support Team

A strong sales support team allows reps to spend more time engaging with prospects. It takes over activities that might not be vital to the overall success of a sale but take up valuable time. This could include setting up demos with inbound leads, scheduling check-in calls with current customers, and providing product training to reps.

In larger organizations, these tasks are typically handled by sales support associates who will optimize and prepare the materials that sales reps use to close deals. This allows them to avoid wasting time, particularly during prime selling hours, and allows them to focus on talking to prospects, following up on leads, and closing deals.

This may also extend to helping the sales team with marketing oriented activities like preparing and distributing press releases, coordinating email campaigns, or any other marketing-oriented activity that supports your organization’s sales efforts. This is important because marketing and sales often work together and limiting interaction between these teams can hurt the company’s ability to sell its products.

To find the right candidates to manage your sales support team, you should look for applicants who are excellent at following instructions and appreciate the power of a process. You’ll also want to find candidates who pay attention to detail, especially when working with customer or lead data or running product training sessions, as these activities can have serious consequences if they’re not managed well. You should also ensure that your candidate is able to communicate effectively and collaborate well with other members of the sales team.


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