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How to Choose the Best Call Center Headset

The best call center headset helps employees stay focused on calls, eliminating distractions and ensuring customers experience a seamless calling experience. It should also be comfortable to wear for hours on end, avoiding discomfort and strain on the neck and head. Look for ergonomic features such as adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups and lightweight construction for comfort and durability. Look for models that provide the flexibility to connect to multiple devices such as a computer, tablet or smartphone for multitasking. Depending on your work setup, you might need a headset with USB connectivity or one that supports Bluetooth. Finally, consider how durable the headset is, as it will likely be used frequently and in a demanding environment.

The Jabra Engage headset is a good choice for call centers, with noise cancelling microphones to eliminate distracting background sounds and HD quality sound to ensure clarity of customer voices. It also includes patented ActiveGard technology, which protects the ears from sudden loud noises that could cause acoustic shock.

The Yealink YHS34 Mono Lite is another good call centre headset option, especially for a crowded workplace. With a single earpiece, it is less expensive than binaural headsets and still provides high-quality audio and noise reduction. It’s also compatible with desk phones and has QD connectivity for easy connections to other devices. As a bonus, the battery life is great, with 12 hours of talk time and a 100-hour standby. The headsets can be worn on either ear and are lightweight, making them easy to wear all day.


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