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How to Choose Wallpaper For Your Bedroom

Wallpaper is a big decision and it’s not always easy to change if you’re not happy with the effect. Before you commit to hanging a roll of paper in your bedroom, follow this simple tip: tape a sample to the ceiling above your bed for two or three weeks. That way you’ll be able to see how the pattern feels at first glance and whether it’s something you can live with day in and out.

The bedroom is the perfect space for bold patterns and a dramatic color palette, but a little restraint is needed to keep the look balanced and calm. A standout floral print can be the perfect solution. Rather than going for the typical full blooms, this hazy green tropical palm-print bedroom wallpaper idea creates an elegant and fresh effect, perfectly complementing earthy ochre linen furniture and accent pillows in a mix of textured styles.

Alternatively, a more subtle pinstripe wallpaper offers an easy-to-live-with, tailored option for the bedroom. This monochrome version of a classic pin board design is easy to accessorize, with bedding and cushions in matching colors offering a co-ordinated and contemporary scheme.

If you’re feeling brave, a large scale geometric print can be a stylish and calming choice for your bedroom. The bold pattern is visually striking, but the dark hue and clean lines ensure that the overall feel is calm and serene.

A sage green wallpaper adds a touch of warmth and elegance to this chic bedroom designed by Ambientha tailor-made. The bespoke CityArt Milano design is an ideal fit for a modern apartment and accentuates the tone-on-tone trend that is popular this year.

In a small room, wallpaper can help to make the space feel larger by tricking the eye into seeing more space. This is achieved by using a continuous shade on the wall and ceiling, which helps the eye to continue past the line of the pattern. This effect is heightened when the pattern is simple enough to be a subtle background for accessories and furniture.

Another trick to making a tiny bedroom feel bigger is by celebrating the angled walls and sloped ceilings with clever wallpaper solutions. Here, banana leaf wallpaper adds a hint of Hollywood glamour to this tiny Manhattan bedroom by Homepolish designer Tiny Rich.

For an even easier and less-costly alternative to timber panelling ideas, opt for a wood panel effect wallpaper for the bedroom. These faux-panelled papers are designed to mimic raised panels and timber cladding but you can hang them without a hammer in sight.

Wallpapering all of the walls in a small room can feel like overkill, but sometimes it can be a good solution to make a tiny space feel bigger and more open. In this Brooklyn attic bedroom, a nonwoven wood panel-effect wallpaper from Cole and Son makes the teensy attic space feel cozy and comfortable without overpowering the rest of the room with pattern. This smart trick can also be used in rooms with a low ceiling to visually elongate the space. papier peint pour chambre


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