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How to Create Beautiful Diamond Painting Pictures

Unlike other crafts that require extensive learning and practice, diamond painting is quick to pick up. All you need is a diamond painting kit of your choice, a flat surface to work on and some time on your hands. You can also enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this fun activity, which help relieve stress and bring happiness into your life.

A diamond painting is a type of DIY art that uses small rhinestones to create a stunning piece of artwork. It’s similar to cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, but instead of using thread and paint, you use a special pen with a sticky tip to place each tiny jewel in its proper spot. Once all the rhinestones are placed, you will see a shimmering piece of art come to life before your eyes. It’s a relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying hobby that you can enjoy over and over again.

If you’re new to diamond paintings, it’s a good idea to start with a smaller image to get a feel for the process. You can also choose a canvas size that’s closer to the dimensions of the photo you want to recreate. This will ensure that the picture fits correctly and doesn’t leave any “grey” sections.

After you’ve chosen a canvas, arrange your materials in front of you and review the color-coded chart that comes with the kit to identify which colors you need to use for each section of the design. Carefully dump out the corresponding color of diamonds into one of the plastic trays and gently shake it. This allows the diamonds to settle with their flat sides down, making them easier for you to pick up with your diamond pen.

Once you’re ready to begin, lay out your canvas on a flat, comfortable surface and make sure everything is within reach. Peel back a section of the plastic covering and dip your diamond pen into the pink wax, then press it onto a circle or square on the canvas. Repeat this process until you’ve covered the entire picture. When your pen begins to feel less sticky, it’s time to reload it with more wax. We give you enough for the whole project, so you won’t have to worry about running out in the middle of your work.

When you’re done, admire your creation! You can display it in your home or give it as a thoughtful gift to friends and family. You can even add it to a unique notebook or book cover for added style and functionality.

Another great way to enjoy your diamond art is to transform it into a pillow or framed poster. You can even use it as a unique and flashy way to organize your school supplies, binders or scrapbook. The options are endless! diamond painting bilder


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