Neon pets are unique creatures with glowing parts of their body. These pets can be created by fusing spirits from four full-grown pets of the same species in the Neon Cave. Players can age these pets through Newborn, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen and Post-Teen stages until they reach full grown size.


Neon pets are unique pets with neon spots around certain parts of their bodies. These creatures can be created by merging four fully grown pets of the same species in the Neon Cave, with different colored neon spots depending on which pet was combined with which. Unfortunately, getting these rare pets requires a lot of work; examples include Coco Surprise and Neon Scoob which require extra dedication to acquire.

These neon pets are bright and cuddly plush animals just waiting to be adopted! Scoop up these adorable babies tucked into matching cones – each with a special surprise inside!


Adopt Me is a game where players can adopt various pets. Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, players can purchase Bucks and Robux which you can use to care for their pet. Moreover, performing certain tasks within the app earns money which you can use towards ageing up your pup from Newborn through Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen or Post Teen stages. Once fully grown up your Neon pet becomes eligible to be turned into one of four Mega Neon pets by combining four fully grown Neon pets together – creating one Mega Neon!


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