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How to Make the Most of Conservatory Styles in Wales

A conservatory is a great way to make the most of your home, adding a warm and cosy space that you can enjoy 365 days a year. Gone are the days when a conservatory was too stuffy in Summer or a giant fridge in Winter – modern materials like high-performance uPVC can transform your space into something you can use all year round.

Our expertly installed bespoke conservatories in Wales are made from high-quality uPVC that’s incredibly durable and thermally efficient, keeping you toasty in Winter and cool in Summer. We also offer a range of glass options to ensure you get the perfect finish for your new conservatory, including energy-efficient double or triple glazing and insulated roof panels.

You can choose from a wide variety of conservatory styles, with floor spaces differing depending on your chosen style. For example, a Victorian or P-shaped conservatory features a curved floor space, while Edwardian and Georgian conservatories feature angular shapes. In terms of roof design, gable conservatories feature an attractive apex shape and can help to increase natural light in the room from top to bottom.

Combination conservatories allow homeowners to maximise space by combining two or more distinctive areas into one conservatory. This allows for design flexibility and a choice of room functions, from dining rooms to seating areas, as well as kitchens, lounges and bedrooms. We can even create a separate space for entertaining guests or creating a quiet home office with views of your garden or the surrounding countryside.

Orangeries are a stunning addition to any home, blending beautifully with traditional and period properties. This is because they feature a brick base, as opposed to the solid walls of a conservatory, which helps them to blend seamlessly into the existing building. They also tend to have a more traditional feel than other conservatory types, with the choice of decorative bricks and finishes making them a real feature of your property.

With their high ceilings, gable conservatories add a sense of grandeur and scale to any home, making them a real show-stopping feature. They can help to open up your space and let in a flood of natural light, as well as provide plenty of storage.

You can personalise your bespoke conservatory with a huge selection of colour finishes, from subtle and traditional to vibrant and contemporary. We offer a wide selection of 16 shades, including woodgrain finishes, and you can also access a dual-colour option that lets you have different frames on the inside and outside of your conservatory. conservatories south Wales


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