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People with a sexual addiction have uncontrollable urges and/or behaviors around sex that have negative consequences for their health, family and work. These behaviors may involve sex with a partner or other sexual activities, such as masturbation or pornography. They also may engage in paraphilias, which are sexual behaviors that cause psychological distress or even physical harm, such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadomasochism and pedophilia.

Sexual addiction is a type of compulsive behavior, which means it can be treated the same as other types of disorders that are caused by impulse control problems. The most effective treatment approach is cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps people identify triggers for addictive behaviors and learn new skills to cope with them. This may include one-on-one therapy with a mental health therapist and group therapy. In addition, some people with sex addiction find that taking medication helps them control their urges. However, it is important to talk to a doctor before taking any drugs because they may interact with other medications that are prescribed for other health issues.

It is also helpful to work with a relationship counselor who can help you address any emotional trauma or difficulties that may have contributed to your sex addiction. Many people with sex addiction also have co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety, and addressing those issues can make it easier to overcome a sex addiction. Finally, joining a support group can be beneficial because it can help you find others who have the same experiences and can offer encouragement along your recovery journey.


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