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How to Replace Nor Cold Cooling Units in Your RV

If you have a Nor cold cooling unit in your RV and it isn’t cooling or smells of ammonia, it probably needs to be replaced. The number one reason cooling units fail is they rust out and leak the cooling solution. This can damage the boiler and cause a loss of cooling ability. Our remanufactured Dometic or Norcold cooling units are superior and will never leak.

To get the most cooling performance from your new refrigerator run it for a week before you start using it. This allows the fluids to mix properly. Also, be careful prying on the evaporator foam pack. If you press too hard on the evaporator it can rupture. If you have an ARP Control on your fridge it will shut off the cooling unit if you push too hard.

Before you reinstall the new cooling unit make sure you have a piece of cardboard under the fridge where each screw goes. This will prevent the screws from falling out and getting lost. On Norcold refrigerators where the frame rails have screws passing through them this is especially important.

When the refrigerator was assembled at the factory a putty like material called Thermo-Mastic was applied to some of the zig-zag tubing. It is sometimes misapplied at the factory and can leak air or moisture into the evaporator. This will ruin the cooling process and cause corrosion. If you have an insulated panel over the back of your refrigerator this will not be an issue. However, for slide-mounted fridges this will be a problem. Nor cold cooling units


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