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A business casual suit is a smart, professional look that doesn’t require full-on formal attire. But it also needs to be stylish, clean and well-fitted. If you work in a workplace that has a looser dress code, a business casual suit can help you stay on the right side of the line between too casual and too professional. In many cases, a navy blazer is the best way to achieve this. Navy is one of the most professional shades, while separates signify informality.

Neckwear is optional in this look, but it does elevate your outfit, especially if you opt for a grenadine tie or knitted style. The key to this look is ensuring the fit of your shirts is impeccable. Loose shirts can make your whole outfit feel sloppy and unprofessional. Choose slim fits to make sure the fit is just right.

Dress pants are a standard part of this look, and they can be navy, grey or charcoal depending on your workplace’s dress code policies. Chinos are also acceptable, but they need to be tailored to fit your frame.

A pair of leather Chelsea boots or chukka boots adds a touch of style to your business casual suit, and they can be polished or suede. You can also go with sneakers if your workplace is cool with it, but make sure they are dressy shoes like oxfords or loafers. Avoid athletic sneakers or sloppy, distressed jeans. Business casual suit


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