How to Turn Off LED Flash on iPhone 6

If your iPhone’s flashlight feature keeps flashing every time a call or text comes through, it may become annoying. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can disable its flashlight feature and make life less hectic for yourself.

You can temporarily turn off LED Flash for Alerts settings by opening the Settings app and tapping Accessibility, selecting Audio/Visual then toggling off LED Flash for Alerts option.

1. Go to Settings

LED Flash for Alerts allows you to know when phone calls, text messages or notifications have arrived even with your screen off. Simply set this feature under Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts and it will activate as soon as someone calls or sends you something.

Apple has made no secret of their plans to upgrade the front-facing camera of iPhone 6S; what may come as a surprise, however, is Apple’s inclusion of an LED flash for selfie enthusiasts. Developer Hamza Sood found evidence of this feature within an iOS 9 manifest file.

No matter if or when it makes it into the final product, this feature would certainly prove valuable for many users. Furthermore, having a front-facing camera could enable more intimate selfie shots.

2. Accessibility

Apple recently unveiled an exciting feature that allows iPhone owners to activate an LED flash when calls or messages come in, providing an alternative to vibrations or ringtones in dark environments. You can access this option under Settings > General > Accessibility.

The Accessibility menu contains several features that may assist those with limited mobility, vision loss or hearing loss. These features include VoiceOver (a screen reader that reads out aloud the contents of your phone’s display and speaks the identified text), Guided Access (to keep devices within one app with locked interface), Switch Control for using adaptive accessories with touchscreen phones and short cuts such as triple-clicking the Home button to activate or deactivate certain accessibility features) and Switch Control allowing a person to use adaptive accessories with iPhone touchscreen phones. In addition, shortcuts like triple-clicking Home buttons can also be set to activate or deactivate certain accessibility features – saving both time and efforts when switching them between devices and phones!

Use this menu to change the keyboard layout, configure haptic feedback, and enable or disable Siri Shortcut – an app feature used for quickly accessing various app functions like opening contacts, taking photos or initiating workouts – button presses that launch various app features – such as opening specific contacts, taking photos or starting an exercise workout session. It can even act as virtual keypad!

There are also other helpful options here, such as Button Shapes to make navigating the menu system simpler, and Enhanced Voices which improve Siri’s speech quality by adjusting volume and pitch. Furthermore, here you can set both language and gender preferences for Siri voice activation.

Pin apps to the multitasking screen so they’re inaccessible from other applications if necessary – a handy option if sharing your phone or if you simply wish to keep certain applications at the forefront of multitasking screens.

3. LED Flash for Alerts

An iPhone’s LED Flash for Alerts feature allows you to opt-in instead of its typical buzz or ringtone when receiving alerts, making this particularly helpful at night or in situations that require extra focus to avoid missing important messages. To activate it, navigate to Settings, General, Accessibility and then toggle the LED Flash for Alerts switch on.

Brightness of flash can also be adjusted, giving you greater control of how alerts appear for various notifications you may receive on your phone – from calls, texts and reminders to notifications and more. Furthermore, colors for each alert can also be customized for easy recognition of different types of alerts at a glance.

Luna Commerce recently leaked that Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 6 may feature a round “True Tone” flash which combines white and amber LEDs into one component – marking an innovative departure from previous phones that featured separate white/amber LEDs on separate oblong openings on their rear side. Furthermore, Luna Commerce provided evidence of its purported design for iPhone 6, with its rounded corners and circular opening for camera lens/LED flash placement.


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