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How to Use Witty Icebreaker Questions for Dating

Icebreaker questions are a surefire way to keep a conversation going, especially on the first date or in the early stages of a dating app relationship. Using light-hearted icebreakers will let you get to know your date before moving on to more intimate topics. Witty banter can help you find out if your sense of humor vibes with your date, and it will also give you a glimpse into their personality.

While you can go for classics like “where do you work” and “how old are you,” there’s nothing wrong with mixing things up by asking some fun and wacky icebreakers for dating. These questions can reveal funny quirks about your date, such as their fondness for pineapple on pizza or their unpopular opinion that you should criminalize certain behaviors (like people talking loudly on cell phones in public).

A few offbeat icebreaker questions can make for a great Tinder opener, such as “if you could be any flower, which one would it be?” This simple question lets you find out if she’s a girly-girl or a tomboy, and you can follow up with a similar question to narrow down your options.

Another fun and unique icebreaker question is to ask your date about her bucket list, or a roster of items she wants to do, see, try, or eat before kicking the proverbial bucket. This question will let you see if your dates interests align and can lead to an interesting conversation about their values and worldview. ice breaker questions for dating


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