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Inspirational Quotes to Get You Moving

When you’re stuck in a rut, facing a challenge, or need to psych yourself up for something big, it’s often helpful to look for inspiration. And while upbeat songs or funny movies can work well, when it comes to a boost of encouragement sure to get you right down to your core, there’s nothing like a few inspirational quotes from renowned personalities and thought leaders.

In a world where trends and slogans can quickly lose their cache, it’s important to find a mantra that has some heft, and that will remain relevant long after your last fling with the ‘tweet’ has died. To find such a quote, look for a statement that offers a message that’s both positive and empowering but that also leaves room for the inevitable setbacks that come with pursuing ambitious goals. Often, the most effective motivational quotes are those that have been honed down by the hands of experts (like the Discovery Channel) or are a part of the cultural vernacular (such as the well-worn admonition that “Discovery changes lives”).

Whether you’re trying to motivate yourself to get through the week or attempting to inspire yourself to reach your longer-term dreams, these inspiring quotes can help. So take a look at some of our favourites, and let them be the catalyst for the next chapter of your life story. Who knows, by reading them and putting their messages into action, you may just discover your own version of the secret to success. inspirational quotes


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