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Investing in Cybersecurity to Protect Your Business

Cybersecurity is one of the most rapidly growing and critical areas of business today. As data breaches continue to hit headlines, it’s clear that cybersecurity must be integrated into business strategies and policies to protect businesses from cyberattacks.

Some examples of cyber attacks include malware erasing files, attackers breaching systems and altering data or files, and attackers accessing credit card information and making unauthorized purchases. These threats are not only incredibly serious and costly, but they also affect customer loyalty. A recent survey found that 86.6% of customers would be hesitant to patronize a company that suffered from a data breach in which their personal information was compromised.

Companies are also subject to a variety of regulations that require them to maintain specific security standards in order to keep sensitive customer data secure. Failure to meet these requirements can lead to stiff fines and penalties. Investing in cybersecurity helps companies to remain compliant, which ultimately protects their bottom line.

Providing the Right Tools for the Job
Cybersecurity solutions provide protections at every point of the attack cycle: data loss prevention (DLP) ensures that only authorized users have access to systems and files; encryption allows for the encryption or scrambling of data in transit, protecting it from malicious entities; identity and access management (IAM) provides secure authentication services; and threat detection is performed by intrusion detection systems or firewalls. The good news is that many skills from other technical fields transfer quite well to careers in cybersecurity. Managed Detection and Response


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