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Know More About The Working Of The DepoProvera Injection

The introduction of progestogen-only injections has opened the doors for long-acting reversible contraceptives. There are many women who prefer to take this injection to escape the custom of taking a pill every day. Depo-Provera,Guest Posting a contraceptive injection, helps in preventing pregnancy effectively. It contains medroxyprogesterone acetate as it primary ingredient, which is a synthetic form of progesterone hormone. It is a long-lasting form of contraception and is a first choice for women who are being immunised against rubella and do not want to conceive as long as the virus is active; whose partners have just had a vasectomy or are waiting for sterilisation. This injection is mostly administrated into the muscle of the buttock or upper arm from where it releases medroxyprogesterone into the bloodstream for almost 12 weeks.

Depo Provera helps in preventing pregnancy in three different ways. It starts with putting a halt to ovulation due to which no egg is released from ovaries. It also makes the entry of sperm into the womb difficult by thickening the cervical mucus at the neck of the womb. It also does not allow the thickening of the womb lining due to which an accidentally fertilised egg won’t be able to attach itself and mature there. The injection is preferably given on the first day of your period for an enhanced effectiveness. However, it can also be given up to the fifth day, but you will have to use a contraceptive barrier (condoms) for the next seven days to prevent pregnancy.

Noristerat birth control injection is another popular progestogen-only injection that contains norethisterone enanthate as its active ingredient. Norethisterone enanthate is a synthetic progestogen that plays a vital role in preventing a woman from conceiving for two months at a time. Although it is a popular choice for women, it cannot be used for a long period. This is the reason most of the women opt for Depo-Provera, injection. This injection is administrated into the muscles of the buttock or upper arm, followed by the release of artificial progestogen in the bloodstream for a period of eight weeks. It is better to get the injection administrated on the first of your menstrual cycle, but it can also be done till the fifth day.  In that case, you are required to use extra contraceptive for the next seven days. The medical professionals don’t often recommend using the Noristerat injection a second time. Learn more about injection by visiting any of the online clinic.

It is suggested not to use this injection immediately after giving birth in order to avoid serious consequences. You need to have a minimum break of six weeks after giving birth. If you suffered a miscarriage or abortion which is at less than 24 weeks, you can get this injection without delay. If you take this injection after seven days of miscarriage or abortion, you should use extra contraceptive protection for the next seven days. The progestogen-only injections are not known to cause any critical side effects. However, the potential side effects can be listed as headaches, nausea, dizziness, depression, breast discomfort and some allergic reaction at the location of injection. It helps to reduce the occurrence of heavy periods and lessen PMS symptoms significantly.  You can experience convenient healthcare after consulting a doctor and discussing your present and past medical conditions before taking any new treatment. peek molding


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