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Embrace the future of hair styling with the sleek, powerful laifen hair dryer. It uses Thermo Control technology to protect your hair from excessive heat damage by alternating between hot and cold airstreams. Its high-speed 110,000 rpm digital brushless motor delivers a wind speed of 22m/s, which is twice as fast as traditional dryers, while generating only 59 dB of noise (at its highest setting). Infused with 200 million negative ions, it locks in moisture and banishes frizz for a radiant shine.

Designed to look like the Dyson Supersonic, but at less than half the price, it’s a beauty must-have. Its sleek minimalist design is a mix of plastic and metal (aluminum, I assume) with a cool, matte finish. Its handle is shaped to feel comfortable in the hand and the dryer weighs less than one pound.

The main selling points are its 110,000 rpm brushless motor, which is said to cut drying time by 50% while also making your hair feel silky and smooth, and its Thermo Control technology, which claims to prevent heat damage by alternating between hot and cold streams of air, while a microprocessor makes immediate adjustments 100 times per second.

With a near-perfect 4.9-star rating from almost 350 customers on Shopee so far, the laifen hair dryer is certainly catching on. You can select the plug specifications you need at checkout, with options for North America, Europe and the UK so it will work wherever you go in the world. A smoothing attachment is included in the box, while the special model has three nozzles including a diffuser and narrow concentrator. laifen hair dryer


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