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Mac oil carts are a pinnacle of cartridge technology, meticulously crafted for connoisseurs with a curated selection of premium cannabis oils. These top-tier extracts deliver potent effects and intense flavors, elevating your experience to a new level of satisfaction.

Designed for compatibility with standard vape pens, these glass cartridges are easy to set up. Simply screw the cartridge onto a compatible battery or vaporizer pen, then press and hold the button to inhale vapor. For optimal results, use the preheat feature on your device (if applicable) to warm up the oil before inhaling.

White Guava Cart
This mac cartridges flavor features a ripe blend of strain-specific terpenes for a soothing calm that’s perfect for relaxing or energizing your day. Its 87.1% THC content delivers a powerful hit that’s uplifting, long-lasting, and highly effective. Mac oil carts


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