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If you are training MMA it’s important to have good quality gloves to protect yourself and your training partners from injuries. Whether you are doing bag work, sparring, or partner drills there is a lot of hand contact and the right pair of gloves can mean the difference between serious injury and just some bruises. Whether you are looking for heavy bag gloves or a good pair of mma gloves for grappling it’s important to look for the best pair available that meets your training needs and budget.

This pair of mma gloves from Fairtex features thick padding that is split into 3 layers that reportedly absorb shock up to 3 times better than true boxing gloves do. These gloves have an open thumb design and are very breathable to keep your hands cool while training. These gloves also take a while to break in and will require a couple of sparring sessions to get the most out of them.

These MMA grappling gloves are a great option for those who want to train for both stand up striking and ground and pound in the same workout. They are designed for grapling and feature a curved knuckle pad that allows you to grapple with a partner or a dummy more effectively. They have a simple aesthetic and have a wrist strap that wraps around your wrist one and a half times for an incredibly secure fit while you are working on your ground game. Gants mma sac de frappe


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