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Ohio’s New Electronic Warrant System

Ewarrants is a free, centralized system for entering protection orders and warrants into national databases. It enables all stakeholders to better track warrants and proactively resolve any issue.

The traditional warrants process is costly for police departments, courts and jurisdictions alike. Hundreds of thousands of personnel hours are spent annually in every state on arrest warrants alone. Ewarrants automates the entire process, saving agencies significant cost in the long-term.

eWarrants streamlines the entry of warrant information into national databases, improving the accuracy of background checks and reducing processing times from days to minutes!

It also reduces the time it takes for officers to obtain a warrant, allowing them to respond as the situation unfolds. This saves countless officer work hours that are often spent on preparing and filing paperwork. Those unplanned overtime hours can be put back into patrol, reducing crime and keeping our communities safe.

In Ohio, the eWarrants system was created to meet the Governor’s vision of a uniform, statewide electronic warrant and protection order system that is easy for law enforcement to use. Funded by InnovateOhio, eWarrants is an intuitive, responsive, mobile friendly web-based and mobile application that is available to law enforcement, judges, clerks and others in all 88 counties.

The eWarrants system is managed by FusionStak, an innovative software development company founded by a team of leaders with a deep passion for public safety. FusionStak’s products are used by the nation’s top public safety agencies and have won numerous awards. Ewarrants


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