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Professional Maintenance Tips for House Shutters

Installation of window shutters is considered one of the best investments you will ever make for your house. They enhance the beauty of a house beyond adding to the value of the house when you sell it. House shutters look great during installation. The challenge is in maintaining their excellent appearance and functionality. Professionals in shutters have made the following recommendations to ensure that they remain clean and in perfect condition.

Consider the Material

House shutters come in different materials including vinyl,Guest Posting wood, plastic and aluminum, among others. Each of these materials requires a different approach during cleaning and maintenance.

  • Plastic- they are a wide spread option because they are very affordable. Plastic shutters are also easy to customize and fit on to any space. There different varieties of plastics used in manufacture of house shutters. However, their maintenance procedures are similar. You can air dry by blowing away any dust on the surface. You may also choose to wipe with a damp cloth or even wash it with soapy water and a piece of cloth. A hose can be used to spray the shutter with water in order to clean off the soap. Because of exposure to heat over a prolonged period, plastic shutters may be brittle and break easily. Be cautious by ensuring that you do not exert a lot of force. Don’t use a pressure cleaner.
  • Vinyl- this is among the most common materials used in manufacture of shutters. Being a synthetic and water proof material, it offers no difficulty during cleaning. You also do not have to worry about its coat of paint because the material typically has the color built-in. To keep vinyl house shutters clean and in top shape, it is recommended that you use warm water and soap. For exterior shutters, a hose can be used to spray water. To avoid water stains, wipe the shutters dry before leaving the site. Vinyl house shutters are also vulnerable when exposed to pressure. Avoid exerting a lot of pressure.
  • Wood- this is a common material for properties looking for a classic feel. Wooden house shutters require more detailed maintenance attention because they can be damaged by moisture or excessive exposure to elements. Wood is not recommended in areas that are exposed to excessive amounts of water. To keep wood shutters in top shape, you should dust regularly and where possible use a specialized vacuum cleaner to clean the louvers and nooks and crannies where insects may take up residence. It is a common mistake to see property owners or residents washing wooden house shutters with water and even detergent which should be avoided. Furniture polish can be used on a regular basis to remove stains and protect the surface against damage from elements. This helps to maintain its wooden and elegant appearance.
  • Aluminum house shutters- this is one of the most durable, cost effective and easy to maintain materials used in the manufacture of exterior shutters, making aluminum shutters increasingly popular. Aluminum shutters are preferred because they last long and can withstand intense beating by the weather. They also do not require a lot of attention in the name of maintenance. You merely wipe away water from the surface to prevent the danger of corrosion. It is especially dangerous on joints because they will easily corrode and fail to open. Pay attention to joints several times in a year to keep them in proper working order. If your shutters are operational, grease the hinges on a regular basis to ensure that they stay in working order. High quality aluminum house shutters will have a durable powder-coated finish that will stand up to the elements and will last for years and years. Shutters gateshead


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