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Psilocybin grow bags are an easy and convenient way for home growers to cultivate mushrooms. A typical all-in-one mushroom grow kit contains a bag of sterilized substrate, instructions for use and links to online tutorials to make growing your own mushrooms easier than ever.

These all-in-one mushroom bags are pre-sterilized and prepared with a layer of sterilized grain for mycelium growth, topped with a layer of coco coir substrate for fruiting. A built-in injection port makes it simple to inoculate using spores or liquid culture via a syringe, and the entire substrate mix is optimized for a high yield harvest.

The all-in-one mushroom grow kit is designed with a 5 micron filter patch to block airborne contaminants while allowing for even gas exchange. The 0.2 micron filter also allows for the slow release of nutrient into the substrate, which is important to encourage mycelium development and slow spore germination.

Many growers choose to use a filter like this when sterilizing large volumes of mushrooms. Filter patches prevent contamination during post sterilization cool down, when room air is naturally drawn into the bags and could contaminate the substrate before you have a chance to inoculate your spawn.

While there are biodegradable mushroom bags on the market, most are still made from polypropylene plastic. Polypropylene is an inert, non-recyclable material that can cause environmental harm, so it’s good to consider alternatives when making your buying decisions. If you’re thinking of trying a Psilocybin grow kit, it’s worth checking your local laws on growing and possession of psilocybin mushrooms. Most countries classify psilocybin as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that spores are legal but growing and germinating magic mushrooms is illegal.


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