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Redken Limited Edition Color Extend Pack

The New Redken Limited Edition Color Extend Pack Consist of one Redken Color Extend Shampoo 300ml, one Redken Color Extend Shampoo 300ml, Redken Color Extend conditioner 250ml. The new RedKen’s interbond conditioning therapy and helps to form a complex protective shield stabilize and protect the intensity of the hair color for a longtime.

The New Redken Limited Edition Color Extend Shampoo Gentle Cleanses your hair providing a long lasting shine to the color-treated hair. Redken’s has a unique interbond conditioning therapy which prevents your hair color from fading and helps in creating a complex protective wrap around each strand of hair. It also helps in retaining the color for a long time. The active ingredients combined together mainly work on areas like restore the weakened areas, energize the hair fiber and also helps in protecting the hair color from fading.

The New Redken’s product are used and preferred by most people around the world. Especially it works great for the colored hair in strengthening the hair after color and provides protection against color fading, its special complex ingredient protects your hair by creating a unique protective shield around each strand and further strengthens it by repairing the hair fibers. The New Redken’s Color shampoo has a UV protection formula so you don’t have worry about going out in the sun. This even prevents your color fading away due to sun, and gives you a long lasting soft and shiny hair. The dark colors like reds and browns usually tend fade faster than rest of the colors but by using this new breakthrough product you can protect your favorite color from fading for a long time.

The conditioner also helps a lot, so if you are using the condition along with shampoo then results will be more evident, faster and the color can last really long. The effect is such that once you use this product then you always get back to the same one after seeing its results. Your hair becomes shiny and the color seems to be more vibrant. Especially those dark shades which tends fade very easily. The price is quite considerable and you need to use just a little amount of the shampoo because it is a thick liquid and a very little shampoo can go all the way. With this Redken Limited Edition Color Extend Pack you don’t have to buy your conditioner separately, it comes with the pack and what more you get an extra bottle of shampoo, which is a true delight. redken acidic bonding concentrate


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