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Turning to a relative for your child care needs? This could be a great experience, or it could be a devastating one. Choosing child care is important and needs to be something you spend a little time researching.

There are many benefits to using a close family member for your child care. First, your child will grow up with loving caregivers no matter whether or not you have to work. If grandma or auntie is watching your baby while you are at work, you probably do not have to worry about the caregiver having your child’s best interest at heart.

Not only that, but using a family member for your child care needs can save money. Even if you pay your babysitter for her services, the cost of home child care is always less than a daycare setting and, chances are, your family member will not expect to be paid like a licensed daycare. This is a great way to keep the costs of child care down.

But, having your child watched by a relative is not always the best option. The babysitter can sometimes overstep her bounds, taking over the roll of mom. Also, the parents’ idea of what is OK and the child care giver’s idea might be completely different. For example, if grandma is watching your baby, she might be inclined to give a few more sweets than you really want your baby to have.

You can avoid some of these child care dilemmas by making your expectations clear from the first day you send the baby to grandma’s house. You may want to consider writing down your expectations for the child care giver to reference. Be sure not to sound bossy, because your care giver might represent that. But make sure you are clear. What foods must your child have each day and which ones are off limits? What is your baby’s normal schedule? You should outline all of this before child care begins.

Next, you might want to explain what is OK and what is not as far as activities. Are you comfortable with the child leaving the house when you are not there? If you are leaving your baby with a relative, you are probably going to have to allow this. Consider buying a stroller for grandma’s house, so that she has the freedom to take your baby for a walk to the park or somewhere else. But indicate clearly what weather is OK for walks and what weather is not.

Finally, you need to outline what you approve of for discipline. Nothing ruins a child care relationship faster than a difference of discipline techniques. If your child care provider is not comfortable with disciplining your child your way, you may want to consider a different arrangement. You do not want to get into a discipline debate, but you need to stand firm on your preferences. This needs to be accepted by the relative that is caring for your child. Your child needs this consistency and you will appreciate the behavior your child demonstrates when discipline is consistent. montreal home care


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