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Rent a Car in Ohrid – Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to rent a car in Ohrid to explore the city and its scenic surroundings, or to get out of town and visit places like Lake Prespa and the Galicica National Park, you can find a great deal on a top-quality vehicle from Carwiz. With easy pick-up and drop-off procedures, a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, and a variety of optional equipment available for an extra fee, you can drive off in the ideal vehicle for your budget. If you’re unsure of any aspect of the rental process, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions that should help you out.

The best time to rent a car in Ohrid is during November, when average temperatures hover around 37.4 °F and precipitation is less likely. In this period, you can typically find great deals on a Small car rental. To ensure that you get the best price, book your car well in advance.

You’ll find the rental desks at Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport (OHD) conveniently located just a short walk from Arrivals. The majority of the major rental companies are represented here, with add-ons like GPS and child seats available for a surcharge. You’ll need to bring a valid driver’s license and credit card for the duration of your stay.

When you arrive at the desk, check out the terms and conditions for your specific car class to see what documents are required. You’ll also need to pay the deposit, which varies between suppliers. Once you have all the paperwork in order, a member of staff will hand over the keys and direct you to your car.

After collecting your rental vehicle, it’s recommended to fill up the tank before returning it. This will avoid any charges related to a missed fuel return. You’ll also need to keep your receipts from the gas station, as some companies require them as proof that you’ve filled up.

If you’re planning on taking the car out of Macedonia, be sure to inform your rental supplier. There may be extra fees involved for crossing borders, depending on the policies of the individual company. Additionally, the local currency will be different from your home country, so make sure you have sufficient funds to cover any unexpected expenses during your trip.

With its pristine lakes, historic architecture and rich culture, Ohrid is one of the crown jewels of Macedonia. You can discover its awe-inspiring natural beauty at sites such as the Bay of Bones Museum, or soak up the area’s vast history in attractions like the Icon Gallery and King Samoil Fortress. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy the ride with the freedom and flexibility that comes with an affordable Rent a car ohrid. Just be sure to return your car on time, or you may face additional fines. This is especially important if you’re renting from a smaller provider that has strict late return policies. Rent a car ohrid


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