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Show Your Wine Tasting Brilliance With Right Terms

Wine tasting is an art and it requires perfection. If one is a good taster then it is expected that he or she should be able to define the wine taste more accurately using all different terms. This will not only help one relish the wines but will also be admired for his or her proficiency over the different wine tasting terms. But suppose if you don’t know terms then how you will be able to savor or describe its rich or poor taste? Moreover, confusion over terms may lead to the wrong use which can be a big embarrassment for any reputed wine taster. However, it can be very useful for even a beginner also.

Knowing the wine tasting terms can be big asset for you and you can win the heart of your host in a wine tasting party by sharing your knowledge by praising the wine in correct terms, describing its essence. Those who have just began understanding the different wine tasting terms need to go through the details available in different wine tasting terms defining terminology book and dictionaries.

As we have mentioned that wine tasting has a rich history associated with it and being a taster one needs to know all rich information he or she could gather about the different wines. This will not only help you in scoring points over others but will also help you in enhancing your knowledge base. Here we will also share few terms being frequently used in describing the wine.

Acidity – this term is being used to define intensity of wine. An absent acidity could mean that wine is flat and “much acidity” means that wine is very shrill and lean.

Aroma – Better known as nose of the wine which helps in knowing the wine make by just smelling it.

Backward – This term is being used to describe an immature wine or a wine which is not fully developed.

Balance – It is being used to express completeness and elegance of wine and is a perfect way to praise a great wine.

Barnyard has to do with the wine smell. While some may like it and some may not.

Berry – being used to define the aromas and flavors of wine.

Body it is one of the important thing being used to define the size of wine in one’s mouth.

Bouquet is term being used to define wine aroma. It tells about the complex smell of wine.

Creamy – It helps in defining the taste of wine in your mouth. A creamy wine owes its richness similar to heavy cream.

Apart from these other most used wine tasting terms are chewy, closed, complex, corked, dry, earthy, finish flabby, floral, herbal, intense, and jammy. Just find out their meaning and use these terms to show your knowledge. Start now.. wine tours in willamette valley


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