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A confinement centre is a great solution for new mothers who do not have enough space in their homes for a nanny or want to experience the luxury of staying in a hotel-like confinement room. These centres are quite expensive but they offer round-the-clock nursing care and a wide range of confinement meals. They also offer spa and massage services to help with pain relief. Some centres even provide limousine and concierge services.

In Singapore, there are many confinement centres that offer a variety of services. Some of them offer a broader range of post-partum care, including postnatal massages and child birth education classes. Others focus on a specific aspect of the post-partum recovery process, such as breastfeeding support or lactation counselling.

The newest addition to the confinement centre scene in Singapore is Kai Suites, which offers a more luxurious experience. Located along Dunearn Road, this confinement centre is more like a hotel than a traditional home stay. It is the first to be branded as a premium confinement centre and boasts a boutique hotel concept. Its rooms are spacious and feature a private bathroom and closet. Their meals are also curated by a dietician and are served in the cafe lounge.

One first-time mother who stayed at Kai Suites said that she felt “pampered” and was well-taken care of during her 28-day stay. The centre is currently running a promotion for a two-bedroom suite at $29,000. Unlike other confinement centres, Clover Suites does not skimp on the integral services such as 24/7 nursing care for babies and the daily nourishing meals. Singapore confinement centre


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