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According to online courses for teachers,SOCIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY Articles Sociology definitely does blend the other social sciences but it is a mixture in which the person social sciences lose their separate existence and formainnovation. According to Giddings “Because sociology studies the individual subject matter of the different social science but it restrict the study of these social sciences only to their fundamentals. It has its individual view-points and is not the sum total of the social sciences which are based upon its principals. Having dealt in a general way with the relation among sociology and the social sciences, it is now needed to proceed with a study of the relation between sociology and some particular social sciences.

Sociology studies society, Psychology studies human manners. In the word of Thouless,

“Psychology is the encouraging science of human experience and behaviour”. In this way, the scale of sociology and psychology coincides to somewhat some level and both are positive sciences. Both are honest and occupy the scientific methods. Both have lesser ability of forecast.


Differences between Sociology and Psychology.

In spite of such a high degree of equally, sociology and psychology have the following differences:

  1. Differences in attitude:-

The position of psychology is unique that of sociology social. In the word of Maclver has written that “It is a difference of approach in regard to generalstuff”.

  1. Differences in units:-

The part of psychology is an individual while sociology regards society as a part. In this way, Psychology studies man as an individual in interaction with cultural and geographical environment.

  1. Differences in Methods:-

The methods of sociology and psychology are not alike, they differ from each other.

Relation between psychology and Sociology

Even though their differences of way and in other respects, sociology and psychology have much in familiar and enjoy aclose relationship. Without understanding human psychology it is, more or less impossible to understand the interrelation and actions related to human beings. Many of the secrets of psychology stay secret unless there is understanding of social relationship, behaviours and activities.

Sociology and Social psychology

According to NTT correspondence course, “Social psychology is the science of the manners of the person in society.” Considering the close comparison that survive between sociology and social psychology it is maybe not surprising to find out that Karl Pearson has not accepted the two as the disconnect sciences. This division of psychology serves to close the gap between it and sociology even further. Royal York Psychology


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