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Sports grip socks are special types of socks that have grippy material on key contact areas, like the balls and pads of your feet. This increases the friction between your sock and the surface it touches, making it less likely that you’ll slip or lose control when playing. The added stability provided by these specialised socks offers a number of benefits for athletes of all levels of skill, and can help reduce injuries caused by falls or accidents.

Grip socks are also great for reducing the risk of blisters, as they prevent your foot from sliding around inside your shoe, which can cause painful blisters. They’re often made of breathable soft stretchy fabric that can be washed again and again without losing their stickiness, and can even be colour matched to match your team’s socks.

Another key benefit of grip socks is their ability to minimise the amount of contact between your foot and the floor, which can lead to a build-up of dirt, sweat, or bacteria. This can be particularly important for athletes, who need to maintain a high level of hygiene in order to avoid illness and injury.

Grip socks can be worn with or without your regular footwear, and are generally a good idea for sport that involves running or fast changes in direction. They’re also often used in pilates and for elderly people who are at risk of falling, as the traction they provide can significantly reduce their chances of injury. sports grip socks


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