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Star Plus Plumbing offers the highest quality plumbing services, with a highly experienced team of plumbers and technicians. They are an accredited business and offer a comprehensive range of services, from new installations to repairs. They are a local family owned and operated business with a strong reputation for excellent customer service.

Leak detection and repair is a specialty area for Service Plus. The company has the latest technology to find leaks underground and even within walls. They also provide water treatment and filtration systems to improve overall home water quality.

The Commissioner for Consumer Affairs has taken legal action against Star Plus Group Pty Ltd and its related business SPG(SA) Pty Ltd in the Federal Court, alleging breaches of Australian consumer law. The companies have been fined $125,000 in total.

The city of Kokomo is preparing for the arrival of 1,400 new employees at the first North American battery manufacturing plant of its kind. The joint venture between Stellantis and Samsung SDI is expected to open in 2025.

Dukes said the project will have a wide impact on the community. IU Bloomington is working with the city to offer resources, including Korean language classes, to help new employees integrate into everyday life in Howard County. IU also plans to host a series of events to educate the local community on everyday Korean culture, including what happens when employees clock out for the day. Star Plus Plumbing


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