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Steps to Imbed Videos From YouTube Onto Facebook

Watching videos on YouTube can be both entertaining and educational; wouldn’t it be great to share some of your favorite videos with your Friends on Facebook or your Fans on your Like page? YouTube has made this possible and it’s easy enough for anyone to do.

Personal Profile

If you are like most Facebook users you use a Personal Profile to interact with your friends and family. YouTube has made it possible to share video from their site to Facebook with the click of a button. Simply click on the share button below the video and then the Facebook icon. This brings up a new window where you can write something about the video that will display on your Personal Profile along with the video for all of your Friends to see, when you have finished click the share link button. The video will show up on your Personal Profile in a matter of seconds. I know this is not actually imbedding the video but you really can’t do that on a Personal Profile, this gives the same result and it’s the easiest way to get videos on Facebook.

Like Page

A Like Page is intended for business; it has many more features than a Personal Profile, so this method is not for someone brand new to Facebook. Before you can use this method you will need a Facebook Like Page; these pages are actually web pages that reside outside of Facebook.

To imbed a YouTube video to your Facebook Page click the share button at the bottom of the video, this brings up some options. Below the videos URL is an option button, choose from:

  • HD link – a high-definition link to the video
  • Start at: – Choose were the video starts
  • Long link – displays the full URL of the video
  • Include playlist – if the video has a play list this will include it.


Once you have selected the options you want click the imbed button found below the video, this will bring up the code that will display your video. Below the code are some more options:

  • Show suggested videos when the video finishes – will show thumbs of suggested videos.
  • Use HTTPS – a secure version of HTTP, not always stable on Facebook
  • Enable privacy-enhanced mode – prevents YouTube from storing personally identifiable cookie information from your computer.
  • Use old imbed code – The new imbed code is iFrame and is supported by Facebook


The final setting is to choose the video play back size. When you have finished click inside the window that contains the code. This will high light all the code making it easy to copy by using ctrl + c on your keyboard.

With the code copied to your clipboard go to your HTML editor.

  • Open your Facebook Page.
  • In the working view of your HTML editor mark the location you want the video with some “x’s”
  • Go to the HTML section and locate the “x’s”
  • Paste the code over the “x’s”


Your video should know be visible in the preview view section of your editor and it should be in the same location that the “x’s” where. Save the page and upload it to your server. buy youtube favorites


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