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Accountants are responsible for a variety of complex financial calculations and tasks, including creating sales and cash flow reports, examining budgets, and filing taxes. They often work in a number of different fields, including banking, insurance, and healthcare. Because of their valuable and varied skills, a career as an accountant can be quite lucrative.

According to the 2021 Robert Half Salary Guide, the average Accountant salary is $82,600. The figure is typically higher for those in senior-level positions. This is because salaries increase with the level of experience and education a candidate has earned.

The size of the company, industry and competitiveness of the employer also play a role in the salary offered to a professional. For example, those in the Big 4 accounting firms may be offered a higher salary than someone at a small local company. The level of education a candidate has also plays a role in their potential income, with those with master’s degrees generally making more than those with bachelor’s degrees.

Earning promotions and becoming a supervisor are other ways to boost a salary. These roles often allow professionals to develop their skills and gain experience in other areas of the business, such as tax planning or financial reporting.

This can lead to a higher salary and may also qualify the individual for other financial opportunities, such as consulting. If a professional is considering a career change, they can research the salary prospects for their new field before applying to ensure they are being paid competitively. Accountant salary guide


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