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The Benefits of a Caregivers Agency

Caregiving is a life-altering responsibility for most family caregivers and the challenges are vast. Whether you are expecting to take on the role or were suddenly thrust into it, having the right resources at hand is crucial. A Caregivers agency is a service that can help.

Agencies set standards and policies for the type of care they provide and have a screening process for their employees. They will often conduct criminal background checks, drug tests and verify certifications. In addition, they have insurance to cover accidental injury or theft while the caregiver is on duty. This is important as a profession such as this is high on physical injuries. Families and seniors can also hire an independent caregivers but that approach comes with some risks. It can lead to undue stress for the family if the caregiver gets sick or hurt and they are without care, and it can create a legal liability to the client if the independent caregiver doesn’t carry workers’ compensation coverage.

A homecare agency can provide a variety of services to meet your loved one’s needs from companionship to bathing, dressing and toileting, preparing meals and light housekeeping. They can help with transportation to doctor’s appointments, hair salons and theaters as well as grocery shopping and medication assistance. They can also help with errands, laundry and picking up mail. They can be available for a few hours a week to around-the-clock care.

Some agencies, like Homewatch CareGivers, even offer nursing consultation services where a registered nurse helps coordinate advanced care for their clients and their caregivers. This can be helpful if your loved one has chronic illness or other health care needs that require expert medical advice.

Another benefit of a homecare agency is that they handle all the legal and tax paperwork for their employees, which can be a major relief to the family. They will also contribute to the employee’s federal and state taxes, social security and workers’ compensation. This gives the family peace of mind that they are not taking on the risk of hiring an illegal worker or facing potential fines and penalties for unpaid wages.

Finally, most families want to know that they are getting the best possible care. Agencies can match you with a caregiving professional who is the right fit for your loved one and their unique needs. They understand that people often feel more comfortable with familiar faces so they do their best to send the same caregivers on a regular basis. They also provide flexibility if your loved one’s schedule changes so that you can still get the care you need. They will be sure that there are qualified caregivers to fill in at a moment’s notice. Caregivers agency


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